Why I need to keep talking to businessmen about Education

I’ve been reflecting on the post I wrote a while back where I ranted about my frustrations at having conversations with people who are the business managers in my organisation.

I still feel all those feelings I wrote then but I am I a little bit getter place- at least today while I am on holiday and thinking about how I can best manage my work wellbeing in the new year.

    • My story is powerful and can have (more) influence
    • I will learn a lot more about models and how to keep pushing towards alternative models
    • I can shape my destiny- their lack of educational knowledge gives me an advantage because at the end of the day they will always have to defer to me – know what they don’t know and they need me to make them look good!

I have written this blog and placed it in the category of cultural sustainability. Thus far I have written under that category specifically in terms of culture as ethnicity.  I’m defining culture here in terms of wider culture or tradition of the age-graded curriculum etc. which sits across and within societies around the globe. 

I see my work as disrupting this wider culture as important for ensuring the sustainability of various cultures (all indigenous and social classes and other sub-cultures) by interrupting patterns of social reproduction enacted through school systems.

A lot of what underlies some of the constant little barriers I come up against are because many of I have labelled as  ‘businessmen” are people given authority to speak on education who are basing their thinking about learning based on memories or other stories about what the purpose of schooling is, how they think learning should take, and a whole lot of other flawed understandings of human motivation and abilities to learn.

Essentially, I know I have ability and influence and a warmth to my soul which I can use to tap into people’s hearts and have open conversations about ‘and so how did that really work for you?, Or, other approaches that will develop the empathy that will be needed for people to spot that the Emperor is not actually wearing any clothes- so why are we all still propping up the empire?