This week we were asked to think about a time when unexpected change happened in our lives either personally or professionally and reflect on  the range of emotions and stages we experienced:  My early years were full of regular and unexpected changes. From the age of 5, my family moved every year- – usually without […]

My leadership styles- an evaluation

My leadership styles- an evaluation I completed a leadership questionnaire and it gave me a few insights. It turns out that I have no well-developed styles and all need some further development. That doesn’t surprise me actually as I certainly don’t feel I am always ‘nailing it’ and I am not always getting the outcomes […]

Wayfinding my way through my own life

Having dissed in the previous post others who use the concept for trite purposes, I have had strong personal identification with the wayfinding concept and want to share that in my portfolio. Academic wayfinding One personal example of my ‘wayfinding’ adventure through my PhD. Firstly, I wrote it primarily as an autobiographical attempt of self-discovery […]