Servant Leadership

Preparing the group presentation Servant Leadership has been great for allowing me to delve into this concept, one I had heard bandied about but had never really looked into. It has reinforced my belief that traditional western leadership paradigms are not appropriate or useful for promoting an ethic of responsibility and care for others. It […]

Leading Change and Making Positive Decisions

The flipped preparation this week involved reading the article “Leading Change and Making Positive Decisions” and coming to the session with responses to the article: One thing that resonates with you that you could usefully take away from the article “You should not follow any change leadership recipe uncritically, but lead the adaptation of a […]

Holding the vision in times of uncertainty

In my workplace, human relationships are at the heart of our “brand”. My organisation is ranking itself as  “the backbone of New Zealand construction industry”- providing foundations for employers to train high-quality builders to meet the needs of NZ housing crisis. For the last 15 years or so we have been providing bespoke 1-1 customer […]