Why I need to keep talking to businessmen about Education

I’ve been reflecting on the post I wrote a while back where I ranted about my frustrations at having conversations with people who are the business managers in my organisation. I still feel all those feelings I wrote then but I am I a little bit getter place- at least today while I am on […]

Exploring Tuakana-Teina in my organisation

Over the last 12-18 months, I have been having ongoing conversations with the Maori stakeholder manager in my organisation over how we might collaborate to set up a deliberate tuakana-teina framework for the structure of our internal staff training and within apprentice training environments. As the learning and development manager I have influence and indeed […]

Can the purpose in the room please stand up?

There’s so much talk about purpose in everything we are examining and I get it and I love it. What I am disillusioned with is that I am involved in pursuing a purpose at work using having conversations that are increasingly bandying the word and it is becoming jargon. https://app.themindlab.com/media/129967/view It was affirming to read […]

My leadership styles- an evaluation

My leadership styles- an evaluation I completed a leadership questionnaire and it gave me a few insights. It turns out that I have no well-developed styles and all need some further development. That doesn’t surprise me actually as I certainly don’t feel I am always ‘nailing it’ and I am not always getting the outcomes […]


This week we looked at what indigenous means and what this means in terms of approaches to leadership. Wayfinding: defined as  “the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.” We revisited Kaitiakitanga in terms of how it represents space and place and time. However not in a linear […]

Indigenous Leadership

This week we started to explore indigenous leadership. I have had reasonable exposure to and understanding of Te Ao Maori but have not heard very much about it’s application to leadership contexts. This certainly has resonance with what we’ve been discussing with regard to authentic value as in Te Ao Maori there is an obligation […]