Why I need to keep talking to businessmen about Education

I’ve been reflecting on the post I wrote a while back where I ranted about my frustrations at having conversations with people who are the business managers in my organisation. I still feel all those feelings I wrote then but I am I a little bit getter place- at least today while I am on […]

Servant Leadership

Preparing the group presentation Servant Leadership has been great for allowing me to delve into this concept, one I had heard bandied about but had never really looked into. It has reinforced my belief that traditional western leadership paradigms are not appropriate or useful for promoting an ethic of responsibility and care for others. It […]

Why I am no longer talking to salesmen about education

This post borrows on Reni Eddo-Lodge, 2017- “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race”  for the overall construct of refusing to engage in conversations that render me invisible. In her introduction, she states: “I’ve written this book to articulate the feeling of having your voice and confidence snatched away from you in […]